I may secretly be huge.

Two days ago, I opened my email and found a press release from the manager of an up-and-coming actor promoting him, bragging about his recent work in Hollywood and touting his talents.

I thought, “How on earth did I get this email?” Am I somebody you send an email to telling how great one of your actors is?”

I guess I’d been under the impression that nobody actually visits this website and that out of the ten visits I get per month, 9 of those visits were from me refreshing the page when I upload changes to the site.

I think when you’re sending an important press release like that, you want to get it to the important directors, studios and all the right people. “So how did a manager promoting his talent decide to send information about his client to me?”

I wrestled with it for about 12 hours and finally, this is the conclusion I’ve come to:

Unbeknownst to me, I may secretly be huge.

I guess it never occurred to me how huge I actually was because my last job in the entertainment industry was splicing film, however it looks as if I may be a major player.

This is great! In the parallel universe, which is running right next door to my life, it appears actors are sending their information to Nejo Studios hoping to be a part of Nejo’s next Blockbuster production.

I wonder what other great things I’m accomplishing in the parallel universe where I’m apparently extremely important. I’m probably having lunch at Spago and telling my special effects Director, “Money is no object. We have to make Avatar look like finger painting.”

Well, I can’t even explain how much finding out that I’m huge has spiced up my day.

I guess dreams do come true, if you only work hard, or check your email.

Well, that’s all I wanted to write. I’d better go check my email again. During the time I’ve spent writing this, I’ve probably kept Spielberg waiting for a reply.

This article was originally published on June 5th, 2010.

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