Carol’s Movie List

In the summer of 2006, I read Leonard Maltin’s Movie Encyclopedia.

This book is a list with reviews of over 18,000 movies!

As a Film-Maker, watching great films and even bad films can be a great way to learn.

So, I went through Leonard Maltin’s Encyclopedia and made some lists myself.


These can be great film, films I can just watch over and over or films I’ve only watched once

but have one brilliant thing in them. (One single brilliant performance

or one single brilliant scene or some hidden gem in there.)


Horrible or couldn’t finish watching or when I finished it, I thought, “Well, there’s

two hours of my life I won’t get back.


Good/Decent/Respectable movies.

Defining Roles

Some of an actor’s best/most famous or breakout work.

Disintegration Films

Where a character gradually, gradually disintegrates/self-destructs over the course of

the film.

Need to see. Famous Movies

Classics that if I want to call myself a real film fan, I had better watch.
Carol’s Movie List


These can be great film, films I can just watch over and over or films I’ve only watched once

but have one brilliant thing in them. (One single brilliant performance

or one single brilliant scene or some hidden gem in there.)

Legends of the fall. I have seen this 19 times. (18 normal plus once recently with the Audio commentary by Ed Zwick and Brad Pitt). I haven’t seen this so many times because of Mr. “allegedly quite hot” Pitt. Aidan Quinn’s so much hotter.

But let me be serious. The real reason is because I never get tired of watching it. This film has so many great themes; i.e., the love between a father and a son, the love between brothers, between a man and a woman and of course, personal demons.

I’d say watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.

Here are my other faves:

About a boy

The apartment

Before Sunset–Oh, that scene inside the SUV is money! Thank You Richard Linklater!

Carlito’s way

Chariots of Fire

It’s a wonderful life

A soldier’s story

Shall we dance (The Japanese Version) A movie that is not at all about dancing.

Dead Man Walking–Sean Penn!!I’m so not worthy!

Forest Gump

Fight Club

Hero–So beautiful!! visually stunning!!

The Incredibles

In the name of the Father–When this came out, I was a young idealistic 20-year-old and it is the only time in my life I ever wrote a letter to an actor sending him my condolences over him not winning the academy award. Daniel Day Lewis!!!  (About 20 years after doing that, as an adult, I went back to IMDB.COM and looked at the nominees that year. That was a tough year to choose. I have since forgiven the academy.)

Marvin’s room

The Matrix

Nothing but a man (A masterpiece!!!!) 1964. Thank God for the day I found that movie in the back of the library. This is a classic Black film from 1964

Remains of the day

Simon Birch

I am Sam


What’s love got to do with it?

Bob and carol and Ted and Alice. I have to put this here. I nearly gave up on this moviebecause of the subject matter but as a Director, I deeply admire the Director doing what he needed to do to get everyone to that final scene in the bed. The last few moments of this movie paid off very nicely and I respect the willingness to go there because it was worth it.

Citizen Kane


Good/Decent/Respectable movies.
About Schmidt. Jack Nicholson is a Genius and Kathy Bates is a gem!

The accused

Amos & Andrew. It is a constant source of inner gloating for me that I knew about Samuel Jackson before Pulp Fiction.

A place in the sun.

All about Eve

Anne of Green Gables


Away from her

Batman begins

A Beautiful Mind

The Best man

Big Night

(This movie,” Big Night”, has my 2nd favourite movie line ever.”

After you eat the clams in Tomato sauce, you have to kill yourself. You can’t go

back to normal life.”

By the way, “My favourite movie line ever was Nick Nolte in the Prince of Tides,

“You know, when I’m not pulling straw out of my teeth, I’m a very intelligent man.”

In the book, “The prince of Tides” by Pat Conroy the line is even better.  It’s not about straw but about Donkeys.

But I digress. Back to my list.

The Bourne Identity, Ultimatum, Supremacy.

(Ok, I just have to say something about the scene in Supremacy where Matt Damon jumps off the balcony through the window.  I will occasionally get up out of my bed and sneak downstairs just to watch it over and over. That jump is a beautiful thing!”)

Boyz N the Hood

Brown Sugar


Cast Away

Changing lanes

The constant gardener

12 angry men

ON the waterfront

Coal Miner’s Daughter


The commitments

Cool Runnings

Courage under fire

Cry Freedom

The days of Wine and Roses

Dead Poet’s society


Dream Girls

Driving Ms. Daisy

Duane Hopwood

Fast times at Ridgemont High

Forces of Nature


Gone with the wind.

Good Will Hunting

Deliver us From Eva

Double Jeopardy

Front Room (Jamaican) (The only movie I can say I’ve memorized)

Glengarry Glen Ross

Gone with the wind

Guess Who? Bernie Mac Version

Groundhog’s Day


Hilary and Jackie….Disturbing

How Green was my valley. Need to see it again

Immortal Beloved

In America

In the heat of the night.

The Joy Luck Club

Jerry McGuire

Intolerable Cruelty (The Court scene is priceless)

It’s a wonderful life

The kid

Kramer vs. Kramer

La Bamba

L.A Confidential. Need to see this again to jog my memory

The Last Samurai…I think the best part of this movie was discovering Kensuke Watanabe

Legally Blonde 1 and 2

Liar Liar

Life is beautiful

Like Mike…didn’t finish watching. Didn’t have time, I think.

The little mermaid

The long kiss goodnight

Love, actually

Malcolm 1992

The Miracle Worker 1962

Mommy Dearest

An affair to remember

Mystic River

Napoleon Dynamite

National Security

My cousin Vinny

My left foot

Nothing to lose. Vaguely remember enjoying this. Good song by Coolio.

One Flew over the cuckoo’s nest.1975

On the right track. Watched this as a kid

Ordinary People. 1980


The Lion King

Rain man

Rebel without a cause

Pretty woman…I guess it was ayte

Primal Fear. Ed Norton is so good in this

(Incidentally, I once met the Black Female version of Ed Norton’s character in real life several years after watching the film.)

Primary Colors. Kathy Bates in that truck near the end, “Made me believe.” That’s all I can say. Made me believe every single thing her character was feeling in that truck.

Patch of Blue. Saw as a child. Need to see it again.

The Pelican Brief

The Pursuit of Happyness

Rounders….loved this!!

Runaway Bride

Rush Hour. Could watch this all day.

Sabrina. Hepburn or Ormond version. Both good.

Say Anything. Yup! The nostalgic vote. Saw it as a teenager.

Schindler’s List

Secrets and Lies


The Seven Samurai

Shadow lands

The Shawshank Redemption.

Shine. Interesting but I wouldn’t want to watch it again or anything.


Sister Act. 1 and 2

Sleeping with the Enemy

Sleepless in Seattle

The Sound of Music


Spiderman (All). Can watch this all day.


Splendor in the Grass. 1961

Stand by me.

A star is born. The 1954 version with Judy Garland.

A star is born. The 1976 version with Streisand. The last scene is the best thing

I’ve seen Streisand do.

Steel Magnolias

Sunset Blvd! Woah! Very dark, but so good! 1950 version.

Swingers. Remember that famous “You’re money” line but not much else.

Thelma and Louise

Talk to her. 2002.Spanish. Nice!

The Manchurian Candidate. (Frank Sinatra Version and the Denzel/Meryl version)

The Ten Commandments. Cecille B. Demille

The lake house

The three faces of Eve. 1957


To Kill a Mockingbird

To sir with love

A tree grows in Brooklyn…1945

The truth about Charlie. Haven’t seen the old version. Charade

Wall Street

Whatever happened to Baby Jane? (So creepy but very good)

When a man loves a woman 1994

When Harry met Sally…1989

With Honors

Witness for the Prosecution. 1957. Dietrich is too creepy in this!!

Working girl

You can’t take it with you.


Actors and their defining roles

Some of an actor’s best/most famous or breakout work.
Actors and their defining roles (That I need to see)

Audrey Hepburn: Love in the afternoon. Sabrina. Roman Holiday.

(Seen all except for love in the afternoon)

Grace Kelly: The country girl

Elizabeth Taylor: A place in the sun.

Jack Nicholson: Five easy pieces. Chinatown. One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest

Meryl Streep: The Deer hunter. Sophie’s choice

Robert DeNiro: The Deer Hunter

Denzel Washington: A second viewing of Glory

Judy Garland: A second viewing of A star is born and meet me in St. Loui


1 A place in the Sun — Montgomery Clift



This Page used to have a very long list of movies that I need to see.

This web site also used to have a section called Carol’s movie diary with reviews of films as I watched them.

However, on January 1st, 2010 I rather abruptly lost interest in watching movies and have not enjoyed a single movie since that date.

Something happened.

Perhaps it is the movies themselves.

Perhaps I have fallen into a movie watching funk.

There are no movies I need to see.

There are only movies I need to make.

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