The next time you have insomnia

Recently, I discovered a technique that you may find helpful during your next bout of insomnia. It’s way better than counting sheep. I’d say in terms of effectiveness; it’s somewhere in between counting sheep and deep breathing.  Before I share the details below, I want to point out the benefits of this technique.

It will:

1) Reduce your anxiety about the fact that you’re awake at 2:00 in the morning.

2) Make you realize your life isn’t as boring as you thought.

3) Kill time until you drift off.

Enough suspense. Here it is. During my last bout of insomnia, I decided to make a list of every time I had met a famous person or been in the same room with a famous person.

If I, “Carol, let me spice up my evening with a good crochet pattern”, could come up with 20 people, then anyone can play this game until they drift off to sleep.

This is a good time to mention who should not play this game.  If every time a concert comes to your town, you go see it, this activity is not for you.  You’ll get through it too quickly, and then you’ll be left with nothing to do but go back to counting sheep.

So, here’s my list that kept me busy until I got to sleep.

Mall appearances by Young and the Restless Soap Opera Stars (2)

Michael Damien and Doug Davidson

Mike Peca – Hockey Player (1)

He was in my class in Junior high at Darcel Senior Public School and also my valedictorian.

Natalie Cole  – The late singer (1)
One of my few concerts I’ve been to in my life

Mike Duffy – Commentator and former Politician (1)

During Frosh week at my university, he was a guest speaker at some event

Jean Charest – Politician (1)

I saw him briefly then mostly the back or the side of his head once doing something at Queen’s.

The Tragically Hip – Band (1)

This is a little embarrassing. In my second year of university, I lived at 192 Clergy Street in Kingston, Ontario. I kept hearing rumors that I lived across the street from The Tragically Hip.  One Sunday, I came home from church and saw a big tour bus parked across the street and realized all the rumors must be true.  Now, please don’t judge me. This is the single geekiest, most pathetic thing I have ever done in my entire life.  I walked across the street, knocked on the door.  Rob Baker answered the door. I said, “Are you in a band?” He said yes. I said, “Is it called the Tragically Hip?”  He said, “Yes.” I said “OK. I was just checking.  Thank you.” Then, I turned around and walked back to my house.  Unfortunately for you, me, and everyone reading this, that is a true story.  You know one of those times when you think of something witty to say much later…….well……Anyway, on with my list.

Oliver Samuels – Jamaican Actor (1)

The popular Jamaican actor shook my hand once after a play in Toronto.

Gabrielle Reece – Volleyball Player (1)

I passed by what I thought looked like volleyball player Gabrielle Reece in a parking lot in Kauai. My encounter with Gabrielle has much in common with my encounter with The Tragically Hip.

Carol:  Are you Gabrielle Reece?

Gabrielle:  Yes.

Carol:  Oh, I was just checking.

Then I carried on to wherever I was going.  So it looks like when I meet celebrities, I just need to know if it is really them, then I pretty much move on with my life.

Another Side Note:

When I met Gabrielle Reece, I thought her behind was kind of large for a white girl. Then, about 20 years later, I saw an article online called “Celebrities you didn’t know where black.” That explains a lot of what I saw in that parking lot.

Junichiro Koizumi – Former Prime Minister of Japan (1)

I saw him coming out of a car and heading somewhere shortly after 9/11, either in September or October of 2001.  Yes, I was in New York on 9/11, staying with a relative and witnessed some of the horror story of that day from her balcony. That’s another blog.

Jay Thomas and Christine Ebersol – Broadway in the Park. (2)

This is important because this is certifiably the moment I fell in love with New York City.

One day, I was walking down the street in New York. I think I was on my way to the library. I looked over to my right and saw an event going on, which I later found out was called Broadway in the park.  After a few words from Jay Thomas, a few minutes later, Christine Ebersol started singing a number from 42nd Street. Excuse me while I catch my breath.  Are you kidding me?   How can this be happening to me?  I just turned around the corner, and 2 seconds later, Christine Ebersol is singing, and I’m standing there watching.  Even when I remember it, I get a little verklempt—Tawk amongst yourselves. Discuss.

The Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo – Lindsay Davenport, Martina Hingis, Anna Kournikova (3)

Right now, you may be thinking, OK, Carol; enough is enough! I thought you said your life was so boring, and the highlight of your week was crocheting. Come on! What are you doing at a tennis tournament in Tokyo?

I have an answer for that.  I just want to say, in my own defense, that when I used to teach English in Japan, I had one or two students who occasionally took me to very nice places that I wouldn’t ordinarily go to on my own.  Even though I love tennis, I haven’t been to a tournament since.  Furthermore, I just want to add that I recently found a website where they’ll teach me for free how to fulfill my lifelong dream of crocheting socks. I tried to do it once, but the heels kind of looked like wings. Anyway, back to my list.

Bon Jovi- (1)

The most important thing I want to mention about this night is that right before they started singing Have a Nice Day, Richie Sambora gave the whole audience the middle finger.  That’s the moment I found out what Have a nice day really meant. I didn’t know up until that point, and I felt like such a country bumpkin for not knowing. Thank you, Richie. That was very useful information.

Wendy Malik – Actress (1)

I went by the set of a Lifetime movie she was filming in Port Credit. When I got home, I thought, “I should have asked her what she was using on her skin.” Her skin looked amazing.  About two years later, I saw her on TV, and it looked like she had gotten some work done.  It made me feel sad for actresses in Hollywood who feel the need to get work done.  Dear Wendy, I was standing 2 feet away from you.  You didn’t need to get any work done.

The Sugar Hill Gang – Company end of year convention in Las Vegas (1)

I realize that the mere mention of Las Vegas is starting to put my crochet story into serious doubt.  I just want to point out that a truly well-rounded individual can enjoy both crocheting and the Sugar Hill Gang in Vegas.

Two Canadian Celebrities – (2)

The last two people, unlike the others on the list, feel a little bit like namedropping.  Why?  Well, I didn’t meet them at a parking lot, a show or another event.  I know them, and or they regularly show up at family events.  So, I will just write their names in code below out of respect for their privacy and our relationship.

  • Say Barfin
  • Sony Merwould

So that’s my list of 20.  Try this next time you’re up at 2:00 Am wondering what to do with yourself.

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