A Love letter to electricity

I lived through Hurricane Fiona in September of 2022. When my electricity came back on, I was so happy I wrote a poem.

A love letter to Electricity by Carol

Until Hurricane Fiona came barreling through,

I didn’t know how I felt about you.

Absence does make the heart go fonder.

But this feels, oh, oh so much stronger.

So let me get paper and pen.

And say what I’ve held deep within.

Things I’ve held deep in my heart,

Not knowing that you would ever depart.

Oh electricity, oh electricity.

You power my devices,

At very reasonable prices.

You bring alive my stove,

And my recipe trove.

You make work my microwave,

When It’s time that I need to save.

For WIFI to even be a thing,

It’s you that keeps my modem running

When any friend is losing their mind,

You keep me logged in and online.

If my fridge could someday sing,

It would sing, “You’re the wind beneath my wings.”

Crease free clothing and presenting myself well,

Without my iron would be a pretty tough sell.

Do you remember our very first date night?

When I flicked on a switch, and on came a light?

Do you remember the moments we shared?

When I used a night light because I was scared?

Do you remember those very special times,

When your presence alone protected me from crimes?

This is all making me a little emotional.

I may have to call a friend or a pal.

But even the telephone is powered by you.

Is there anything electricity that you just do not do?

I may never know the answer to this.

So I will seal this love letter now with a kiss.

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