Carol’s Wedding Shower – Part 2

In my Feb 22nd, 2011 article, I mentioned that plans were well underway for my June 23rd wedding and the birth of my first child. However, I just had this feeling something was missing; something I needed to make this event happen.

  1. Missing Item: Man
  2. Missing Item: Fiancé
  3. Missing Item: Proposal from Man

I guess I got so caught up in the wedding plans that I forgot one very important item on the checklist.

Who among us hasn’t forgotten a few important wedding details? That’s why they have wedding planners to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Perhaps if I had employed a wedding planner, this wouldn’t have happened.

Well, this article will be pretty short. I’m kind of embarrassed that I neglected this very important detail. I guess I’ll just end this article by putting the word out for potential offers. In an article that I wrote a long time ago, I had a long list of requirements for my dream man. I’ve since been able to narrow the list down to 4.

This is what a good man/real man/ dream man should do.

  1. Love
  2. Lead
  3. Protect
  4. Provide

I won’t even bother elaborating.

Any self-respecting mountain man will know what these things mean. Any self-respecting mountain man will know that protect doesn’t mean just physically, that protect means if someone says some terrible thing about me that is untrue, he’s supposed to bite their head off. Any self-respecting mountain man will know where, how and when he is supposed to lead.

It’s not just walking ahead of me with the shotgun when we’re going through the forests foraging for wild roots and game. There’s a generation or two of men walking around with no idea what it means to be a man. If you ask them what a man is, they might show you a photo of some rapper who just so happens to prefer practicing his manhood from prison instead of out in the real world where he might actually serve society.

They might even show you a picture of some rock/sports or movie star for whom reality is such a strain that he’d rather just stay high as much as possible. They might even be getting their ideas from a father who did not demonstrate the 4 very well. This is very unfortunate.

However, if you do know exactly what the 4 items mean and how to put them into practice, interested mountain men may send a photo and a statement of faith to the address below:

23 June Street.

Bridestown, Ontario


This article was originally published on March 3rd, 2011.
Obsolete links from the original article have been removed where applicable.



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