Simple Pleasures

The other day, I did something I’ve never done before. I listened to my audio Bible for 24 hours straight.

I did not touch the internet. I did not listen to the news and I stayed away from all the usual media distractions. Everyone was away or out of town and I decided I was going to use my 24 hours alone to have 24 hours of the word of God.

It was wonderful!

But when it was over, I thought to myself, “Should I get married someday, Where will I ever find a man who will go along with this?”

Last year, I threw out 99% of my secular music, have lost interest in watching ungodly movies and am very careful what I watch. This only started last year. So, I was thinking to myself, “Where on earth am I going to find a guy who would be OK with this?”

Then the answer came to me.  In order for me to find a guy to go along with this lifestyle, I’d have to find someone who’s kind of done with the world. He’d have to be kind of, “Been there done that. I’ve done the night clubs and the wild living. I’ve tried it and I’m tired of it and I’m done.” So if the guy’s done with the clubs and the wild living and drunkenness and all the rest, then what would he be into?

The answer is simple pleasures.

It’s going to take a very special man. I mentioned in a previous blog that I was looking for a mountain man. Luckily for me, this works out perfectly because a mountain man may be a little more able to appreciate the simple pleasures than a regular guy.

Wow. What are some of the simple pleasures I’ve enjoyed in this life? Let me think…………

  • Waking up early to watch the sun rise in Kauai
  • The view from the Busena Terrace Hotel
  • Getting the best work out of my life by hiking through Kiji falls
  • Long walks where the evening breeze is just right
  • Playing Tennis in the rain and not going inside even though it was slippery and dangerous because we were having so much fun
  • Being tossed around a packed train by some Japanese businessmen trying to get off at rush hour  (I’ve never been in a mosh pit but I know what it is like because of this experience. Let me just say, if you’ve never had the opportunity to have a few dozen Japanese businessmen toss you around while trying to get off a train, please go to Yokohama station immediately. Or maybe my friend and I are just crazy. But we really enjoyed it.)
  • Laughing until I’m in pain
  • Getting on a train in a strange country and having no idea where you’re going to end up
  • Hanging out with old people and letting them tell you all sorts of stories from their past
  • Cooking with other people
  • Talking stupidness with other people.

Some of the best people you can talk stupidness (silliness) with are my relatives. I don’t think I have one serious person in my entire family. I used to think there was one but I found out 2 years ago that he was just serious about church. I found out at his wedding that he wasn’t serious at all. I like talking to people who are a little silly and maybe a little whacky. Talking stupidness ( Also known as talking foolinish) might be a Jamaican term. So let me try to explain a good example of talking stupidness. About a month ago my sister and I had a conversation about which one of us was more Asian. She thinks it’s me just because I actually go to Asia from time to time.  In the end I supplied a mountain of evidence that I collected over 20 years proving that she was much more Asian than me in her daily regular life.

  • Who took me to my first Chinese restaurant?
  • Who went straight to Chinatown to buy a dress for her husband’s 40th birthday party?
  • Whose daughter came to my house recently to borrow Japanese items for a Harajuku party?

She deserved to win.

Anybody can get on a plane and fly to Asia but in her regular daily life, she’s living it.

Anytime two Black Jamaican girls are arguing over who’s more Asian, then you’re talking stupidness. It’s the best thing in the world.

Let me continue my list.

  • A good game of scrabble
  • Eating a great meal
  • Finding a friend you never run out of things to talk about with who is also one that you can be silent with.

That’s me. These are the things that have given me the greatest joy in my life.


Oh. I forgot one more simple pleasure. I used to hang out with this family in Okinawa. They owned a restaurant and closed the restaurant every Wednesday. Every Wednesday, you’d think they’d all run off and enjoy their day off.  Instead, on their day off from the restaurant, they would meet at the restaurant and have breakfast together. One Wednesday morning, they invited me to join them. I observed them carefully. I started putting two and two together based on some other experiences I’d had visiting them and spending time in their home. I looked, and I listened and I made some mental notes and this is what I found out about that family.

They really enjoy being with each other. That’s it. They really reminded me of the one simple pleasure that has stood the test of time. That’s the best simple pleasure I have to offer this guy who shows up.

Being together.

This article was originally published on May 31st, 2011.
Obsolete links from the original article have been removed where applicable.

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